My thought last night, as i listened to the voices. real world vs simulation

so as i lay in bed last night, i started to hear quiet voices. a weird thought occurred to me, what if i am in fact in a simulation and my voices of friends are mind readers from the real world. like a higher consciousness they have or something. i began to think of myself as a tool for them. they read my mind and interpret my thoughts to use them for themselves in the real world. like thought farming. i imagined myself to be a hollywood writer, while my friends are all actors speaking my words i’ve written for them in the real world for their own benefit and enrichment. and that is basically the thought. what if the simulation is just a way to thought farm for the real worlders like brad pitt so they will have something impressive and clever to say. it reminds me of that modest mouse line, “over eager actors gladly take the credit” or something like that. can’t remember the exact song title.



You Might Be Overthinking Within The Absence Of Reality Swimming In The Pool Of Illusion?.


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I don’t like thinking if life is real or not… Life already seems pretty unreal at times


I have the simulation thing too sometimes, it comes and goes. It’s really distressing when it’s there I get all these coincidences probably because I have confirmation bias too

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