My therapist used to say I was "sensitive "

I always hated being called sensitive, too. I think it has the same connotation as overemotional here. Tenderhearted or empathetic was fine, but sensitive really sounded like an insult.

But, JJ, I would say that I’ve also noticed that you don’t get as spun out about people who feel differently than you do about things these days. I think it’s a great trend for you, I think you’re developing more self confidence and serenity.

Maybe she found you attractive and she was trying to tease you because she knew you would be offended? Who knows maybe she was being unprofessional and flirting with you?

I had a college counsellor flirt with me once and I loved it, she asked me if I would date her and I said yes, we were discussing dating at the time and how I find it hard to engage with that etc,

But the sensitive thing is right bc I knew I was over sensitive but that’s bc I had paranoia and always thought something bad would happen, I think I was like a little mouse and the traps were everywhere

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It’s not a big thing TTP. As 77nick says try not to sweat the small stuff.

Never question the 77 :wink:

My Dad used to say I was “too sensitive”. His words hurt.


Schizophrenics are very sensitive people.
Bipolars are very volatile and vulnerable people.

Put it all together in schizoaffective disorder it’s a right mess.

I think my father in law enjoys yelling at me because i’m sensitive. he likes to see me cry.