My therapist says I don't have schizophrenia

I’m sorry but this doesn’t make sense.
Many Schizophrenics experience Anxiety.
It’s actually a common SZ symptom.


that’s what I thought, but she said anxiety is considered a mood disorder, so it’s a part of depression, not sz. I was surprised when she told me this (not that i’m looking for a diagnosis of sz)

Is he/she a pdoc?

no, just a therapist

It still doesn’t make sense.
Therapists don’t know as much as Psychiatrists.


I’ll be seeing my pdoc later this week, definitely going to ask her about that


Nor can therapists diagnose, or undiagnosed.

I like my therapist, I mean she is a nice lady and everything, but honestly I don’t think that she has a clue on how to diagnose me properly.
She downplays and sugar coats my symptoms.
She is also a PHD.

Is your therapist a PHD? @anon49063606?


Aye my therapist said that I can’t concentrate and study alone at home because unconsciously ( ! ) I suffer because of my social withdrawal and of my social anxiety.

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what does PHD mean?

Is she a Psychologist or Social Worker?

good question, I’m not sure. I’ve only met with her twice, but the institution where she works is very good and reputable.

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And this is why therapists get paid less than psychiatrists…

No offense to my therapist she’s a good one…

But I confused my psychosis for “anxiety” when really it was both for a long time. I used to tell my friends that I had ONE problem and it was my “anxiety” when really I was pretty psychotic all along.

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Oh look at all the Zzzzzzz’s sup my tribe

Maybe you are schizoaffective ??

That was I as well

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Piled Higher and Deeper.


Doctor of Philosophy
It’s a fancy degree that some therapists hold.
It’s an Advanced degree.

I used to have a paranoid SZ diagnosis but then it got changed to Delusional Disorder. Now I am going to have to change pdocs again because my insurance is changing so we’ll see what the new pdoc says.
Anyway…while I have always been anxious, it became worse when I developed a psychotic illness because my paranoia makes me very anxious. My paranoid thoughts make me anxious. Anxiety can definitely be a part of and even caused by SZ. If I didn’t have a psychotic illness, my anxiety would be considerably less.

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Maybe your therapist has schizophrenia. It’s a weird world.

Yes - that is true. Something like 65% of people with schizophrenia also have anxiety - is what I’ve heard from researchers.