My therapist cut our session short today

50 minutes I think? Usually I do an hour with therapists so this is already a bit shorter than I’m used to but she does 50 mins w everyone apparently.

30 minutes is quite short for a therapy session. A friend of a friend had the same issue and felt she was being rushed by her therapist, had only 30 min sessions, her therapist admitted she was completely booked with people and did not have any more time to see her. Sounds like a case of someone who wants to pack in as many clients as possible to make the most cash possible, rather than caring about giving quality time to their client…


No 30 minutes is sufficient for me but 20 minutes is unacceptable.
If this is her new habit, I’m leaving her.

I pay a copay every time I see her.
It’s not fair.


Yeah definitely let her know that. Especially if you feel like you really needed those 10 extra minutes.


It is a long story. The first psychiatrist gave me a dopamine enhancer drug. That caused the schizophrenia. He said that I would be back to norm 2 weeks after being taken off the drug. That never happened. He then said that he was not seeing patients of my age bracket, and removed all information concerning the drug induced schizophrenia from his files. These files were passed on to my GP. The last psychiatrist, after many others who each at second appointment said there was nothing wrong with me such that my condition was again not put on paper so that I could not sue the first psychiatrist, with a nasty smirk on his face said that he would give me the appropriate drugs under one condition. The condition was that it was to be agreed that there was nothing wrong with me, such that once again nothing would be put on paper concerning my schizophrenia condition. By this time I looked like a walking cadaver. I had no strength left to take this to court. Psychiatrist after psychiatrist, they each covered the first psychiatrists butt such that I could not sue him.

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I don’t think a drug can cause schizophrenia, maybe it simply triggered it like weed often does.


I see your point.

A lot of people have ended up far smarter after experiencing serious head trauma. So I guess that means that they always were very smart. They just needed a good head bashing.

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