My theory on inflammation

Half us us could be running around thinking that we are crazy when really we have treatable immmune conditions.

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Half seems like a huge exaggeration
perhaps half a percent

I’m not a statistician but mine is so random it just has to be something else

with our problems its difficult to say…
I feel like there is mess in my brain…

I think the cognitive stuff can be traced back to inflammation from what I’ve read. Maybe even some positive symptoms. I’m really looking for a way off these antipsychotics. They are unbareable

I understand you…
I think I confused inflammation and autoimmune disorder…
(there are claims schizophrenia is a disorder of the immune system)
I will read about it…
Edit: Now unable to read after sleepless night…But the two, inflammation and autoimmune problem,
appear perhaps the same things-an inflammation slash overactive immune cells in the brain…

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I have read that a lot of research is being done to see if we have inflammation in our brains, and what drugs would work on that. I have not heard of any success yet.
Inflammation is when tissue gets irritated (for some reason) and gets red, swollen, hot, and painful.
It may or may not be due to an “immune response” or an endocrine disorder.
I believe we have “emotional pain” that is hard to treat. Someday there will be better treatments.

I hear you.

This study finds that people who have mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder tend to have lower brain pH, so naturally raising it with alkaline food and drinks could have a positive effect on the matter.

I’m going to try an alkaline diet with lots of alkaline water once my water ionizer / alkalizer comes in. I’ve been experimenting with alkaline baking soda / lemon juice / Niacin drinks and they do calm me down somewhat, but a full alkaline diet should get rid of the inflammation more thoroughly.