My theory about schizophrenia

I noticed that schizophrenia in a family never affects the firstborn but always the children born after; and schizophrenia appears only if there is not much distance between the birth of a son and the other (1 or 2 years) but not appears if there is more distance (3 or 4 years) … is it true?

I’m the last born out of three and my oldest sister is 14 years older than me.

No. There might be a correlation here but you can’t draw these conclusions based on your own observations. I have never read anything that suggests any of what you said is correct and it would be extremely surprising to me if you were right.

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I am the first born and I have SZA.

Small samples can be deceiving.

I’m the first born, so no the theory is no good!

I am the first born in my family. My uncle on my father’s side had SZ.

I’m an only child, so, first and last born.

Both of your theory happens to be right to me and my family.

My uncle has schizophrenia and he’s the firstborn. I’m also the firstborn although I’m not schizophrenic just different.

My grandpa and my uncle (first born) were paranoid schizophrenics and my other uncle (last born) also is schizophrenic, while my mom and her 3rd brother are the two middle children, they are in fact not schizophrenic.


If you are not schizophrenic, what kind of affliction/disorder do you have? Just curious.

That’s what my mother always said about me. And Crazy Joe, a little spoken of relative in her family.

maybe there are exceptions to your theory @andrea866

Well I know that my eldest brother " the first born " seams unaffected.

Then the second born , my other brother, was diagnosed wuth Sz in his teens. There’s a two year difference between them.

Then comes me who is currently in the process of being fully diagnosed with it. There’s a sux year gap between me and the second oldest.

Then the sister that fallows after me shows all the signs for Sz but refuses to get it checked out. There’s a4.5 year difference between her and I.

The youngest of us doesn’t show all the signs but has social anxiety and paranoia. And there is a two year difference between the younger two.

My mom has schizo-affective. I have bipolar. I was told I was misdiagnosed. It’s very confusing. I may have just recovered from schizophrenia, and that’s the confusing part. What’s wrong with asking for a method of recovery beyond medication? I burst out crying in front of my psychiatrist saying something along those lines, and he said out of frustration “what do you want from me?” and recommended Lithium or Invega injections. Because I challenged the status quo. Tears and emotions are natural to human life. You can’t justify abuse against someone by locking them up and de-legitimizing their beliefs and emotions. To me that’s a form of torture.

I’m the youngest out of four. My older siblings seem more normal. My older brother just calls himself a moon child. I let him run with that

I was third born, my older sister is 1.5 years older than me. My oldest brother could have been 3.5 years older than me.

Oldest of three. Brother 26 months younger and sister 43 months younger. All of us have had some degree of mental health issues but up to last year I was the only one to come under secondary mental health services. Last year my brother at 56 went into a crisis house for several weeks and was diagnosed with HIV related psychosis. He had been increasingly paranoid for years but I put that down to the effect of cannabis/cannabis being a trigger.