My “testosterone” is secreting like crazy

i dun know how to say , but i constantly feel that inside my testis there is something released crazilly, i would say it is like 24/7 i can feel my testis/ the part around it is secreating something and i am not sure if it is testosterone or actually it is estrogen but i can feel that there is something leaked out from my testis , it is fxxking scared and i am worried about it and i dun know what i should do. whenever i laid down or sit, i can feel there is actually “something” like secretion or hormones being leaked out from my testis , 24/7,it is fxxking terrifying

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What? go to the doctor asap.

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What do you mean by this @schizophrenick?

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didn’t you feel that there is something secreted from your testis sometimes when you are sexually aroused /experience sexual interest, that’s what i have now but it is out of my control and i can feel it is being released like crazy

Testosterone or Estrogen doesn’t leak from your testis.
You’re delusional.


Hahaha … :joy: 15


haha … :grin: ask a doc and see who is the one to be laughed at think i found the reason , actually i justdid a brain mri today and that may be the reason from i have found:

it is also for those who do not make a second thought before “rudely” calling someone delusional

haha u r right , that’s not testorone but sperms , huh ? haha😄

take your Ap so you stop calling everything u dun understand “delusion” , actually it is also a “delusion” bro😂

I’m sorry if I’ve offended you @schizophrenick
Didn’t mean to call you delusional.

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Go tell your doctor that your testicles are leaking testosterone, they can probably help you.

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