My Testimony, I was Skizophrenic

So in the end of the trial it turned out it was Willy Wonka the entire time and by learning of deed prizes Jesse and his vessel inhabbitants were free’d of their puny desires [Full Term] of becoming a professional Inteligence Doctor in an Apocalyptic Setting however with the prize of practically knowing everything about it [Psykerok Toy] Jesse and his Vessel Inhabbitants were renewed in having their training wheels put back on their mind cavities and all was good.

As it turns out most of the intelligences that were flying through Jesse’s head were crazy bits of information from Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in order to fully utilize Jesse in order to produce better Chocolate for all the children of the world and the way it was done was by hooking up a device that existed in a certain chamber of Wonka’s Factory to Jesse’s Head and have him produce a certain indorphine from his mind cavity space.

Now with Jesse’s Toy and Peace of Mind restored Jesse was able to fully fulfil his desires and dreams of becoming a hotshot Monopoly Player in the Real World and Jesse decided to start from the bottom and work his way up in order to not be defeated too easily.

The Prize Jesse Won was the “You Lose Sir” prize which is the one where the guest of Wonka’s Factory is releaved of his duties as guest within Wonka’s Factory and whoever it is is able to leave with all their experiences of being a guest within his factory intact and a new found perspective that has changed their life and possibly those around or within them.

The main bits of intelligences with lots of Substance to them that can be utilized even by the Sane mind from this Factory Session are Psykerok, Cashola Notes and Lifedeed / Deathcon Notes. These 3 things have lots and lots to them and are a few of the main tools used by Professional Intelligence Doctors who save the lives of many many countrymen.

Now Good Day Sir!

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What? What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Are you feeling okay? Maybe a little mentally shaky?


Actually on second thought I completely retract this Testimony. Who’s idea was it to make reanimations of ourselves and force them to do all our chores again? Because mine just revealed to me and it isn’t pretty.

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