My take on schizophrenia and marraige from three years ago

Everyone knows that a successful marriage is all about compromise.

Wife: “Hey Steven. Did you know that I’m God”?
Husband: "Damn it Doris, How many times do I have to tell you? I’m the one who’s God.“
Wife: “No. I’m the one who’s God”.
Husband: “No. Me.
Wife: " No. Me"
Husband: " OK, how about this”? You can be God tonight and I’ll be God tomorrow”.
Wife: “I love you Steven”.
Husband: “And I love you too Doris”.

And they lived happily ever after.


Beautiful. :cry:


technically, I think the guy can only be a god because he is a male…

his partner can be just as equivalently powerful, but the noun term is different for the partner; I think…

probably have to add the suffix “dess” to the end of the word “god.”

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