My symptoms lately

Still experiencing symptoms. Have been since the beginning of April. Mostly mood and ptsd symptoms but now ocd (?) Is creeping up. Not convinced it’s ocd but my therapist says it is. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the nature of my thoughts but they made me want to kill myself earlier but I was also in sensory overload. Then later I was energetic, almost bouncing off the walls, now I don’t want to sleep. I’ve been listening to music since 7am and it’s 2 am now. Almost non stop.
The other day I got overwhelmed with how much socializing I was doing and the TV started talking to me, told me to “kill”.
Seems a lot of my symptoms come from autism related things.

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Hope things calm down for you soon @Moon. Try to get some rest.


sorry to hear you still experiencing symptoms… i hope you can feel better soon!

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