My symptoms are gone and I'm off of most of my Meds!

There is hope. A few months ago I was in a hopeless place. Now I feel the way I did before I was even diagnosed. I did two things differently this time. I restarted my Invega injections. I’m on the highest dosage because that’s the only dose that gets rid of the voices. And I also started detox cleanse and I don’t know if that contributed in any way but right after I did it I got off of all my antidepressants and anxiety medications but it may have just been the high dosage of Invega and possibly a coincidence in timing.

I feel so blessed to have normalcy again and you can and will have it one day again too especially if you work with your Dr and take your Meds.
Having a healthy diet and staying away from alcohol helps too. This is another thing I did to aid in my treatment.

Right now I’m getting started with Vocational Rehabilitation to either go to back to work or school and get started on my life again.

While there may be relaspes I can say with confidence that my health will never decline as badly as it has in the past as long as I continue working with my Dr.


Glad to hear things are going well for you. Keep working with your treatment team and best wishes for the future!

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That’s good if you can take less meds. For me, I need multiple meds, but at medium to low doses.

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That’s very good, you should be proud of you

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This is amazing news! I’m so glad you feel better.

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