My survival has been 51 years in the making

When I watch “scary” movies, I often end up giggling. It is extremely difficult to scare me, in movies or in life. Things that shock, frighten or horrify other people don’t often have those effects on me.
I had my first hallucinations when I was four years old. I always felt separate from my peers and struggled with my mind and my feelings.
There was a distinct change when puberty started and I was tormented by demons, etc. I have suffered and been suicidal over the years. But I survived because of the familiarity of different and darker things in my life from the beginning, and because my beliefs and faith always told me I was stronger.
I’m not arrogant or even delusional in regards to my survival. I’m grateful. But I just don’t have patience anymore for anyone who has had a different experience than I have and so wants to tell me that my experiences must not have been that bad since I’ve handled them differently and made it this far.
I wish for everyone on here to survive, to function, cope and even thrive. However you choose to do that is not up to me to judge.


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