My support staff keep having nervous breakdowns

Thats 4 now who’s quit. One was rumoured to have stripped naked and dancing in town laughing to himself.


Lol. I hope that you’re not the driving force behind these breakdowns.


I hope not… … …

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I’m guessing they don’t get paid that much and it’s not worth the abuse they have to take.


That was how i felt after spending one night in the uk

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I’ve been here 11 years in this group home. Over 46 staff have come and gone. 4 have had nervous breakdowns I guess some can’t take 6 hours of me singing ‘Its a hard knock life for Billy’ continuously. Some months of that can be damaging to a persons mental health I guess. Its just that I like singing about myself.

Do you mean from the Annie movie?

Yep I sing it over and over again though the six hour shift. it’s a hard knock life for Billy, its a hard knock life for me.


Can you do it less you give others a break?


You sound hard to deal with. Think of others for once in your life.

Sounds like you are purposefully driving these people to madness.

Who enjoys six hours of singing a song?

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Oh I went for days singing when I was in the hospital.

Um. He has been up front about cognitive challenges. Full points for honesty there.



I still say he’s being difficult with his staff.

If he knows enough to connect that his singing might be the problem,

He knows how to fix it.

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Developmental delays as well.

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Okay, okay.

Just seems that he’s proud of tormenting these people.

I could be wrong.

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I’m not proud but I do think if you can’t handle the fire say out the kitchen.

That may be true,

But you don’t have to make them miserable.

I really like singing about me.

I agree with you.