My superpower is

…that I can get any show canceled by liking it. Current example is Instinct with Alan Cumming. The mysteries themselves are pedestrian and easy to solve ahead of the reveal, but I enjoy the characters. Dylan and Andy are a cute couple. Annoys me that it didn’t go to a third season.

I loved Almost Human, future android cop show. Only lasted a season. My last show I fell in love with was Lucifer and it looks like season five is the end.

NCIS, which I depise? Gorram thing keeps getting spun off into new and worse iterations and will run forever. Pretty sure my theoretical grandkid will be watching Zombie Jethro Gibbs (badly) solve stuff 40 years from now. Gaaaaah.


Haha. I won’t be suggesting any shows I like to you :). My superpower is more to do with business. I always worked but flit around mundane jobs a lot. I think out of 6 employers there were 4 that went belly up after I left. True story. My super power is that your business will go downhill and you’ll be out of business within a year of me leaving.


The only procedural cop show I ever watched was Bones, and even then I only watched it for like 3 seasons. I used to be a big David Boreanaz fan due to Buffy and Angel, but even he couldn’t save Bones after they went to soap opera level of ludicrous. Spare me the telenovela.

My mom and sister always watch Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law and Order, and just about every bloody procedural cop show that has ever been made, and it drives me nuts. SVU is the worst for capitalizing on current tragedies. With that being said, it does at least empower victims of sexual assault. The lead actress says she gets fan mail from victims of sexual assault telling her how the show has helped them. That parts cool, but I just hate the format of those types of shows.


The only time I had this was with the remake of the Tomorrow People. I kinda liked that show, but it only lasted one season as far as I know.

Really pissed me off as they left it on a cliff hanger.


My Superpower is Coding The Language of The Trees.

Love~ ‘0472-218-365-2’.

Hope~ ‘5380-153-952-5’.

Peace~ ‘3900-148-423-9’.



I liked tera nova and that didn’t get more than one season


…is surviving the day. Caught a wave. I know already i fall. Swimming back and waiting for the next wave on the board.

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Used to think flight would be cool but invisibility certainly has its appeal.

I always wanted to be a vampire !!!

Sorry to disappoint you, but I used to watch NCIS. I liked Ziva David, and when she left I was bummed. Then Anthony Dinozzo was leaving and I gave up on the show. Too many main characters left.

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Mind reader would be cool

My superpower is going through the McDonald’s drive thru from order to grab in under three minutes.


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