My suffering has surpassed my patience

My strength to endure my sufferings has surpassed my patience. Also, I miss my friends more than ever. Nevertheless, my suffering is continuing to grow and I’m not sure how my body can handle it.

My pain is too great and I’m in pain all day, every day.


I’m sorry. I’ve had suffering that was too great to handle so I get it. Are you feeling suicidal as a result? Please be honest with yourself and others about it. If you are, please contact a hotline so you can talk to someone. My life did get better. It took many years, but it’s better now. I’m no longer suicidal. It can and it does get better. But you might need a med change so I’d make an appointment with your pdoc and tell them what’s going on. Be transparent about it with them so they can best help you.

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

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I was like this too, dear, for 20 years… Total despair every single evening… And the worst, is that my friends didnt even had the closest idea, why i dont live, because of this :confused: … I am also diagnosed with conversion disorder and my body was in hellish pain as it is for you now :frowning: … But dont give up, please. Theres a hope, that we can be happier even with this illness, really! Lots of others did it, so you can too :slight_smile: But yeah, i was even treated as evil before by some people, cause i was so much in pain, that i changed a lot… I care less now about that. They never had my dad or my reasons to have become bitter or even mean… Few supported me through those darkest periods… I am so bad physically and i have the paranoia in my mind, that my mother once threatened me that she’ll take away my civil rights, cause i do almost nothing… Yeah. So just dont give up, you are not alone.

I’m okay mentally- it’s just that my degenerative disease puts a lot of burden on my body and I am suffering as a result.

I am suffering a lot today. Also my spine is curving.

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I was misdiagnosed with conversion disorder at one point, and I got diagnosed with MD at age 23. Now I’ve been living with this disease over 3 years. It’s been rough. I’m sorry that you have been struggling with your health too.

I’m so sorry you have MD. That must be so hard on you. Is there anything that can help you through your suffering?

I’m just lying on bed right now to stop my spine from curving. I’m just trying to stop the pain.


Do you have a pain management dr? They can be really helpful sometimes. I used to work at a pain clinic

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I have a neurologist but not a pain management doctor. Pain clinics are helpful but I’m no longer referred to one.

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Why not? You definitely still need the help

I see, laetitia… Its hard, i know. Me, i even have no the support of my family, they dont believe in me and never believed… Just look for the people who love you and we still can be happy :slight_smile: . Hugs

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Well, my geneticist takes care of everything. To be honest, my condition is rare and there are no treatments that could help me. Pain will inevitably come back no matter how much painkillers I take. I felt like I was going to die soon yesterday and I couldn’t stop crying.

Just remember that your suffering can change for the better. You can get through this. There is a twelve step group called “emotions anonymous” that you might try. Try not to maximize your suffering. You hurt more when you do that. Just say “I’m going through a difficult time, but I can get through it.” You’ll feel better.

That’s awful. I’m so sorry you’re going through this

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