My struggle with studies

Hey guys

Been a while since I posted

I started university in September 2021 - I am really struggling to keep up with studies - I am already behind my classmates

I feel a mental block and it feels like I’m depressed. I get my study materials ready and I sit down and then I just freeze - I can’t do it!

Anyone experience this and how did you overcome it ?


if you are struggling is there a person you can talk to about it, maybe someone who can help & give you a bit of support

I had that problem by midway through law school. I had panic, too, and would completely freak out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t solve it, and I had to drop out.

In my country people who have a difficulties, like having a mental problem can get appointed someone to help motivate them through studies, kind of like a personal coach, only it’s studies instead of training.

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I also sometimes struggle. I stare at the screen and then decide to go smoke. I need concentration. Don’t give up though. You should do it and inspire more of us to get it right.

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I was unable to do multiple courses. But for one course to get started on math I just started with 2+2 or something super simple to get going.

So try the simplest part of your studies first

I think with our type of mental illness. We have lack motivation or lack of inertia.

It’s like trying to roll a big rock. Better to roll a small one first.


I have something similar with practicing guitar. I’ll have everything set up, power on, plugged in, and my mind says “aw man, you SUCK, besides, remember that phone call you need to make…” and so much for practice. :confused:


I also play guitar, but I struggle with a trigger of thoughts that tell me that the song is given to me by a spirit that is evil, then I start talking to the spirit to find out where the songs I create come from. It’s messed up, like fighting imaginary friends.


I talk with my parents but sometimes they don’t understand the illness very well - they say, for example, that I’m just being lazy!

I also have a support worker as part of my community mental health team so might speak to them


I did a BSc while suffering from chronic psychosis.
It’s possible.
But it was part-time and online. You need to find a program with the right match.

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Mine tells me I’m bad, not allowed, and will die if I do anything creative.

■■■■■■■ sucks that these stupid voices won’t allow us our passions.


I did my BA and half of law school, plus graduate film and screenwriting classes while completely unmedicated with SZA/bipolar, so it IS possible, like @Jonathan2 said. I agree.

There were times when I could only do one class or two classes at a time, and it took me 8 years to get my BA, but I did it.

Just take it a little at a time, and schedule LOTS of breaks. That’s how I get things done.

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