My struggle with cannabis

I’m addicted to cannabis. This is a fact for me I just realized recently… After my my psychotic episode that was triggered by it and getting on meds and not having it for 2 months I used to dream about cannabis lol

Now I have some. It’s indica and I feel alright… At peace but I only take small puffs like one or two then put it out and I can manage the highs. No psychotic episode and only slight sz symptoms like I’ll eat maybe one phrase from a voice or something.

I am still on my meds. Risperdal. And I take a lesser dosage now because I heard cannabis rescues the effectiveness of the meds and I want to have a backup plan if I do go off the edge with my recommended dosage

I’m scared for my sanity… I can manage the indica highs very well with little to no disruption so long as I don’t get too high but I fear I’ll go overboard again and have another break.

Thankfully I haven’t bought anything myself and was given this joint so once it’s gone it’s gone but I have coworkers who like to stay over after work and smoke up and I can’t say no especially if it’s indica.

The way people are with pot in Canada is how I’ve always imagined it would be in paradise and I can’t seem to let go of that imagined dream especially when it comes true.

I don’t know all I wanted to see is if anyone else has experience with smoking while on meds? Indica is working for me because it’s not a head high so my thoughts don’t go racing around but has anyone else noticed anything related to hard breaks on indica? Anyone else have experience smoking on Risperdal?

Please let me know… I just can’t seem to do without it life becomes so depressing and boring if I can’t toke every now and then.

I’m 21 by the way somebody asked on my last post and I’ve done extensive research online seeking out people who have asked the same question as me and have found very little.

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I smoked weed on Abilify, it made my symptoms worse, i stopped smoking since switched to risperidone

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