My story involving schizophrenia

Hello. My name is Derrell and this is my story. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the summer of 2012.

It all started right after I completed my first year in college. I was living alone in my apartment when the encounter occurred. Before the encounter, I was seeing small, white sparkly objects in my apartment. I suppose those were spirits. One morning just before I woke up, something poked me in my eyes and right as I opened my eyes, I saw something retract back into the wall real fast. At a time I had no idea what it was but I knew I saw something.

Then I got up and began cooking breakfast. As I was cooking breakfast, I caught a glimpse of something moving towards me in the corner of my eye. It scared the crap out of me. As I turned around, I watched this transparent object which had a shape of a human walk into my bedroom. I could not believe what I was seeing. Then it disappeared. Later that day the transparent person came back but they were joined by two souls. The souls look like oval dust clouds. One was white and the other one was black. I watched and utter disbelief as they zip across my bedroom. They would go into the wall, peek out, and then zip across the room as if they were playing.

I tried asking for their names but they kept saying no. And then I realized that if I thought about something they could hear me. I calmly sent down in my chair and tried asking them questions which they wouldn’t answer. And then the transparent humanlike being walked up beside my bed and he showed his self. It was a gray alien. He looked exactly like the kind of gray alien you see in movies and stuff. I mean exactly the same with the big eyes, no lips, no nose, no hair, and no ears. I was blown away. At the time I had no idea that I was suffering from schizophrenia and everything just seemed so real.

I called my brother over and told him that I was looking at a real life gray alien which was in my apartment over the phone. When he came over, the gray alien had reverted back to his transparent form and my brother said that he couldn’t see anything but I was still able to see the outline of him quite clearly. I even took off my glasses, wipped my eyes, and put them back own and looked again. And he was still there. And of course my brother didn’t believe me. So, he left and I didn’t know what to do. The transparent being was still there in my bedroom and the souls were staying out of sight. There is just so much to tell, there is no way I can post it all here.

So anyway, it’s nighttime now and I decided to go to bed. After I got into bed, the gray alien began checking my teeth, legs, arms and other parts of my body. As if he were a doctor. But he was invisible the whole time. Not transparent like he was before. He was completely invisible this time. And as he began checking my teeth, he was actually making my teeth move by simply touching them. And I do believe that he was checking my veins and blood vessels and scraping out plaque buildups. It was crazy insane.

Then he began using a machine that I couldn’t see which was in the center of my bedroom. I could tell from where the noise was coming from. The machine was really loud. And it fired a laser at my forehead which he was controlling. My forehead felt warm but it didn’t hurt at all. In any case I don’t think I got any sleep at night.

Enough was enough. I went to see the doctor the next day and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia and he put me on Seroquel 400 mg per day. After the diagnosis, the gray alien stayed completely invisible but would poke me every now and then–I guess to let me know that he still here. And I have not seen any souls since then. I believe it took a few weeks for the medicine to start kicking in completely. It managed to get rid of the more potent delusions but not all of them. For example, every now and then something will poke me with a finger either in my back or on the back of my head. Or tap me lightly. And I might see something strange like a black ball of energy floating over my bed or fuzzy circular balls of energy in my bedroom in the mornings.

And also, I still get telepathic messages from the gray alien and if I pay attention to my peripheral vision, I can see him dancing around in the corner of my eye. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for the medicine to get rid of all my delusions. As of today, I’ve been taking Seroquel for 17 months. I know I left out a ton of information. There’s just so much to tell.

Let’s see. My dreams. He seems to be able to enter my dreams and read my thoughts. Even stranger, after I woke up from a dream where there was a lot of people involved, I could hear him telling somebody how "everybody"was standing in front of a mirror. In that dream, everybody was standing in front of mirrors for some reason. He says it like they’re all real people. Like everybody I dream about is a real person or alien or something else.

And while I was taking Seroquel I was seening spaceships landing all over the freaking place outside. They were all shapes and sizes. And they all had that transparent look but I can see the outline quite clearly. And I’ve even seen a brontosaurus but it too was transparent like everything else which is very strange. And I think I’ve rambled on long enough. There’s no way I can fit everything into a single post. My life has been pretty hectic up till now. I am still seeing paranormal activity but not as often like I used to. And I still received telepathic messages every once in a while from the gray alien. But I know it’s all schizophrenia. That’s all it is.


You are pretty smart to go to see a psychiatrist!

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You were able to call your brother and reason a bit of yourself to see someone and talk to someone, you handled that very calmly. I bet it felt like you were ready to pee yourself. But the fact that you didn’t run screaming into the night… very cool of you.

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I see those white sparkly dust looking things also.



Yea. For some reason I was calm the whole time. I guess deep down I knew I was having a delusion.


Are you taking any meds?

I want you guys to try something. Using your peripheral vision for your right eye (the grays are always on your right side), pay attention to what’s right beside you. If you can see something moving up and down at a moderate pace, then it’s most likely your gray alien.

Wow! That like totally blows my mind the hairs on my legs are standing up! I have never had anything remotely alien like happen to me at all. I don’t wish it upon myself either. I know that there are people who strongly believe that aliens exist and often there are places around where I live that people who have come across them. I had a case manager once who travelled regularly out to see folk who had sightings of UFO’s. Etc etc, thanks for sharing your experience with me.


@Derrell im on a antipsychotic (risperdone) it keeps me stable doesn’t remove the voices or hallucinations though. Also taking Ativan a anxiety pill which helps a lot

I’m going to continue posting my experiences. I’m going to try to post absolutely everything paranormal that has ever happened to me. I really, really want to get this out there so people will know.

After my encounter with the gray alien, I moved back in with my mother and father and that’s when I began seeing spirits of dead people “supposedly.” They would only come out at night and I’d know if one was just outside the house and about to come in because they usually make a moaning sound which scared the living hell out of me. And during this time I am still taking Seroquel 400 mg per day and my extraterrestrial delusion followed me to my parent’s house.

I am not sure how many days or weeks this BS lasted but all I know is I barely got any sleep at night and I was too scared to sleep in my room because there were all kinds of weird looking alien things floating all around my room and on the walls. Getting back to the dead people. Like I said, I think it lasted maybe three weeks and my parents swore they couldn’t see or hear anything. Which pissed me off even more. I had to sleep in the den with my father because I was so scared of the spirits that kept coming into the house.

Every time they came in, they would usually make a moaning sound and I would be able to see their upper half which was always white and transparent and the move very slowly. They’d come up right beside the couch I was sleeping on but that’s all they would do and then they’d disappear. Which was very strange. I tried going back into my room and getting some sleep because I was getting sick and tired of this BS and I was really, really tired and sleepy. And that was when I saw a spirit walk right through my room’s door moaning. Like always, I was able to see the upper half clearly but a lower half was totally invisible. I freaked out and went to go sleep in the den with my father.

I could not believe what was happening to me and I can’t believe I managed to stay sane the whole time. I had no choice but to to remain sane because my parents didn’t believe me. Eventually it got to the point where I stopped telling my parents about the things I saw because it was pointless. It kept getting worse. It got to the point where I was seeing extraterrestrials 24/7 of all shapes and sizes. They were in every single room in the house including my room. But I don’t remember seeing any in the bathroom. I could see them lined up against the walls in every room swaying back and forth and blinking their eyes. All of this happened 2012.

One day I actually saw the gray alien in my room and I tried talking to him but he kept saying F me because I was scared of all the crap that was happening. Anybody would be terrified if they saw spirits of dead people and extraterrestrials in every room. Talking to him was pointless. And he in all of the extraterrestrials, they were all transparent and white. And whenever my mom would come into my room he would stick out his arm and tap me on the shoulder real quick while my mom had her back turned. And the funny thing about this is, his arm looked solid and gray so I guess he could make himself appear solid if he wanted to. I forgot to mention, when I saw him in my apartment, he was wearing a skintight black suit that look like a diving suit and he wasn’t wearing any gloves, shoes or helmet

I’m not sure when he told me this but he told me via telepathy that I needed to work on my courage. So apparently, that’s why all this crap was happening to me. And he did tell me his name. His name is Mabi. And every now and then, his partner would show up and she would be like a really teeny tiny alien about maybe 6 inches tall. And her name was Liz. She told me her name, I could see the letters floating up in the air.

Every single dream I had here on out involved the extraterrestrials. Whenever I had a dream, and woke up, they would comment on what I did or what I should have done. In my dreams they look like regular people and they do talk to me. At night, while trying to go to sleep, I can hear them talking at the foot of my bed. Either to each other or to me. But for some reason, this only happens while I’m laying down in bed at night. And to this very day, they might show up every once in a while at the foot of my bed. If I had to estimate how many times per week I’d say like maybe twice a week.

During that hellish ordeal I have seen all kinds of spaceships landing outside of all shapes and sizes, I have seen a brontosaurus although transparent, I have seen a blue Devil at night in the kitchen which stood right beside a portrait of Christ which was strange. This blue devil was actually the gray and according to him “he’s not evil.” When this blue devil spoke, his mouth moved very fast but there was no audio. If I thought about going over there and kicking his ass, he’d beckon me to come try. Which I didn’t do because I was scared of him. I have seen a robotic droid (which was transparent and white like everything else except the blue devil) in my room holding a beating heart who told me via telepathy “your going to have a long life.”

While I was seeing the spirits of dead people, something struck me as odd. While I was sleeping in den with my father, I saw the spirit of a dead person in the kitchen but he was moving funny like. Like he’d move and then repeat the same motion again and again. As if a film projector was malfunctioning. That was so strange. It made me wonder if all the spirits I was seeing were actually fakes. Produced by a hologram projector. I have actually had a dream where I saw a hologram projector in the kitchen. That would make total sense but I didn’t understand why my parents couldn’t see or hear anything. Also, I recall one spirit sucking her teeth when I left my room to go sleep in the den as if she had planned to scare the crap out of me. And I have also been told by Mabi that those spirits were acting.

Let’s see. Did I leave anything out… Ah, while I was staying in my apartment, my brother came over to help me fix my car, and that was when I saw birds in the formation of a boomerang spaceship fly over the trees. And I have had dreams of being on some kind of base where they were testing UFOs and spaceships. I have had a lot of dreams involving extraterrestrials. I also have a lot of dreams about being a blonde girl. And in one of them, I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at somebody and when I woke up I heard Mabi asking somebody if I was laughing.

I have been told by Liz that they are a part of me. I’m guessing she meant herself, Mabi and all of the extraterrestrials I was seeing in the house. When I went to the doctor’s office, they were also in the building in every single room.

In one of the dreams I had, I said “access all memories” and “show me all my past lives.” And there was a girl in the dream who was the gray and she was shocked when I said that. And then the next thing I know, I’m looking at stars and constellations. Guess I should’ve been more specific. I have been told in my dreams that they are my bodyguards in that they will follow me wherever I go. That was in a dream I had in 2012 and in that dream I was talking to two statues who said that. And I’ve also received a message via telepathy that they are my bodyguards in 2013. I’ve also been told that I am the king of hell but I know that that is complete BS.

As of today, I have been taking Seroquel for about six or seven months and I believe that it has helped me tremendously. Although, the delusion Mabi is still here and won’t go away for some strange reason. Every now and then, he might poke me in my back or tap me on my shoulder. He is also capable of making any sound such as the sound of a screwdriver for example. I may have to either increase my medication or switch to something else to get rid of this delusion.

I no longer see extraterrestrials in the rooms in the house, I no longer see spaceships landing outside, and I no longer see the spirits of dead people. The only things that I am seeing right now are static-like forms in the early mornings shaped like circles. When I close my eyes and looked at these static-like forms I can see the image of an extraterrestrial’s head. But it goes away in the late mornings and every now and then at night while I’m trying to get some sleep, I might hear Mabi talking to somebody at the foot of my bed.

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This happens to me also!

Think it’s great you seeked help emediatly. Pretty uncommon

Most people would be persuaded that they have real contact with aliens. But you had the logic to go to a psychiatrist.

Interesting stuff, read it all but this guy hasn’t logged in since May 2014 lol…

Thats an amazing story derrel!

was there anything you think you may have done to trigger the alien to visit you?

i have a little bit of experience with paranormal activitiy as well.

i communicate with fairies almost everyday sometimes when my shot of invega is near time or due

i would like to hear more of your story if possible and to be your friend?