My story I wrote

Here is my first rough draft for my story. Please be nice haha. I still have a ways to go until it’s finished.!AozOPlGMLVdTdccv_Pw3Qzdoh6Q

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Well for starters my suggestions are if it is for a book because I think that is what you said you wanted to do. For a book it is too short you want something 250 pages at least. You could explain things more, like the surroundings. It seems to jump around too much like you are missing parts of the story. Also it is a minor thing but maybe a preference but you could make it so you only curse when the characters speak. I don’t know all the books I’ve read are like that.

Anyway good story though more than I would write(in that I don’t write much). I only said that much because I thought you wanted some criticism.

@moomop when I read that story, I was very upset and disappointed that you hadn’t published it yet! good story (though I haven’t checked it out because I’m paranoid of random-looking url links.)

there are online communities that can help critique your work, but sometimes they can be overly honest. as a guy who likes writing romantic stuff, I find those communities really helpful.

Thanks! Yeah it is just the first rough draft so it is more like an outline right now. I am definitely going to minimize the cursing as I go on. Having a potty mouth is one of my weaknesses. I think as the story matures I will have it look completley different than what it is right now

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Thanks! I am going to see if I can find some websites. This is the first time I have written this long. I am surprised that I have been able to concentrate on it at all. It is weird because I can write, but I suck at anything having to do with numbers.

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