My step-daughter is trying out for

My step-daughter is trying out for volleyball! She’s doing good so far! I hope she makes it!


volleyball is entertaining. I went to my niece’s games last year. its better now that there is a point every serve. my niece would play on the frontline she would spike and block but they subbed her out when it was her turn to serve.

good luck to your step daughter

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What grade is your niece in? My step-daughter is in 7th grade.

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she’s a sophomore in high school. she played on the varsity volleyball team. they were good, they won the conference but got upset in the playoffs. this is Indiana, they call the first round the sectional. they lost a close game in the sectional final in 5 sets. I was disappointed for her

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That’s still awesome @Lifer!

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I wish her luck @ZmaGal!


Thanks @Wave! My husband says she did really well. Now we just wait and see if she made it!

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