My spending isn’t as bad as I thought

I have come to the realisation that I don’t spend as much as I thought I do. I don’t own more than 3 pairs of shoes and 2 bags. So if I bought myself a Michael kors bag instead of a Kipling bag this time I shouldn’t feel guilty. Yeah that’s what I should tell myself.

Where do you get your money from ish?

I work and I save mostly @moonwalker and sometimes my mother helps.

My dad used to spoil me. After he passed I’ve curbed spending a lot.

I think what you should spend should be reasonable with what money you get. I also think it’s good not to waste money, but that’s quite subjective. At the end of the day you should always be working to increase your savings

Fortunately I don’t have bills to pay it’s paid by the rent money but I do need to start chipping in more.

The mk bag sounds nicer than a Kipling bag but I bought a nice bag and don’t think it made me any happier. But the holidays are a good time to buy something you like!

My English teacher asked me if I like Kipling. I replied, " I don’t know, I’ve never kippled."

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The bag cost me £156 on Black Friday sale I’m not looking for it to make me happier. But needed a bag that would last long and I was told it’s a good investment.

I feel designer bags aren’t longer lasting. In fact they tend to get worn faster.

I saw the bag in India for £206 and I liked the look of the bag. I didn’t get it looking at the cost. Got home and saw the same bag for £156 for I bought it. I don’t usually like bags or spend much on them. I just want one decent bag.

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I also don’t own a car so that’s where I save …

I’m good with money. Have a lot of money left from my disability pension :kissing_smiling_eyes: