My son starts anew job tomorrow

i seldom mention my kids but I’m so proud of this one I thought I would give him recognition, he has worked the last few years in a warehouse shipping women’s hair products all around the world and has now embarked on a new job. though they have asked us not to mention the business name like “Pfizer” he will be putting together meds in the lab. did I mention he has azhbergers. this means he has to keep to a regular schedule and not have his routine disrupted, which can be hard in this household but were trying to work it out.


That’s such great news, Doc!!! You must be so proud!!!

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That’s great news Dr Zen. I hope your son enjoys his new job! :slightly_smiling_face:



That’s great news! I hope the new job is a good fit!

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Awesome news!! Congratulations!

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Great news @TheGreatestDrZen. And I love the pic of your cat!

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