My Son On Walkabout (our family term :))

My son is wandering from place to place without a job or home. He’s quite fragile and I just realized his condition.

I am hoping some of you have insight as to how I can get him to see a doctor etc. He is 25.

Thank you

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He probably needs to be taken into custody and evaluated. See if you can contact the right authorities. I’ve gone out wandering from place to place for a period of a few months several times before. I would try to get him into the hands of the mental health authorities before he gets picked up for trespassing or something and put in the wrong facility.


Thank you very much. I agree. Yet I do not know where he wandered to so I don’t know what to do yet. He is homeless and jobless. It has gone that far.

You are very kind to respond so quickly. Hug

I agree, next time he shows up get him someplace where he will be safe. He might be angry at you for it, or he might not even be aware of what’s going on…either way hospitalization can hopefully help return him to a more stable state…sometimes people who are at that level absolutely need antipsychotics before they can think straight again. I’m very sorry your son is this ill, and I hope you find him and he makes progress!


Good luck. Hope everything works out

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get him to go see a psychiatrist…if not contact the hospital yourself or doctor and tell them your concerns.


Thank you. I will do this as soon as I see him. He has not come by in several days. I had no idea this was going on with my son. I am stunned like a deer caught in the headlights. If he sees me this way I think it will upset him very much. He cannot be forced into treatment. I think he will bolt but I will do what I can to get him in the hospital. I do not know anyone in my area that could help me. Wish me luck and thanks to you all again.

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That is so cool that you actully care for your sons wellbeing.

Most mas kick us to the curb as soon as we are old enough.

Oh I am sorry you were kicked to the curb so to speak. It saddens me so much… I could not do that. He has a very sweet soul and it is easy for me to see. It was harder to see the illness. In fact I think this may be his first psychotic episode.

Thank you and I hope some day your people will see the best in you. However, even if they don’t you know it is them that lost!

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Thank you Anna.

When my sweet-souled, beautiful 25 yr old son had his first psychotic break, I was not aware how bad things really were, even though I was getting some information from my ex-husband, it was sketchy, and at the time my boy was still somewhat sociable, but then he really got bad and I knew he was probably schizophrenic. . .my first cousin is schizophrenic and this is my worst nightmare come true. He started by not keeping himself clean and he would wear swim trunks that were filthy – in the wintertime! It was December and my father had just died and we were all at the funeral home for the viewing when in came Nate wearing his dirty swim trunks and tee shirt and he walked up to me and asked for money! He took a quick peek at his grandfather before he left. Well, then in January (this was all in 2013) and he was 25, he was wearing the same filthy baggy sweat pants that barely stayed up and he didn’t seem to even realize it.

Long story short, maybe, I got a phone call from my ex saying that he had just had our son involuntarily committed to the state mental hospital, taken away in handcuffs!! I wasn’t notified until all was said and done. This was because my ex lives with him and knows all and I am certainly now much more educated than he is on this subject, but at the time he didn’t want me as upset as he knew I would be and muddying the waters.

The police had been called because he was in a store and a woman thought he had exposed himself to her, but it’s just that he was so out of it, wasn’t intentional, and when the cops arrived they knew right away this was a mental case so they let him call his dad and whammo there was a meeting with a psychiatrist and a quick hearing and they whisked him away!

This was really the best thing for him, sad but true. You see, he had also become quite angry and had outbursts at home, threatening his father and pregnant (with twins) sister, our daughter, punched holes in some walls, etc. The authorities take these things very seriously – sorry this is so long – so he stayed at the hospital a month and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and put on injectable Invega Sustenna, because it was like an arrest with threat of violence, they can do that in this state. Good thing!

Do you know where your son is now? I’m wondering if you can get him committed somehow? I feel your anguish, believe me, I do! Only a parent of a mentally ill child knows what this feels like and almost three years later, I am still crying and yes, screaming into my pillow at times because I’m still in the grieving stage but I am in the process now of getting some help for myself, therapy, coping mechanisms, I don’t know, but I can’t put my fiance through all this emotion anymore.

Your post has really touched me and I would love to have more communication with you because I really don’t have any friends or even really my siblings who can understand the enormity of my sadness and I’ve become withdrawn and losing weight and everything.

I am on FB. Are you? I don’t expect we can give each other’s names out . . .so I don’t know. Anyway, again, sorry this is so long. Please let us all know how things turn out. Hugs.

Thank you so much for your response. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I empathize with your angst about your son. I cannot even describe my fear about my son. I just wonder constantly if he will be safe.

If you want to be Facebook friends that is OK by me. I am Susan Ross. I don’t know how else we can connect as I do not quite comprehend this site lol! If you have another way that we could contact each other I would not mind sending you my info.

Than again!

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I will look for you on FB! And I’m a little confused with this site, too! :slight_smile: