My son never forgets


I promised Wednesday I would bake a cake on Thursday. Well it didn’t get done.
My son walks by and lifts his eyebrows at me.
“Mom are you making that cake today?”
Guess I’m making a cake. And it’s not even my cake day. :cake::birthday:


What kind of cake will you be making?


A white cake with vanilla icing


That sounds delicious. :yum:


Every year during the holidays when my daughter was coming up I would make cookies pretty much every day up until Xmas


One of my favorite soothing shows to watch is Martha Bakes on PBS. I’m not a baker myself but I love watching the slow methodical way that Martha Stuart approaches baking.

I also enjoy the more hectic baking pace of the The Great British Baking Show reruns on PBS. :slightly_smiling_face:


How about the Wild!!! :ice_hockey::ice_hockey::ice_hockey::ice_hockey::ice_hockey::ice_hockey:


I am glad you are making a cake for your son…happy!!


Oh don’t get me started
Jets crapped the bed twice now.
I still love em


It’s supposed to be for my daughter’s birthday week. She doesn’t even really like cake. Lol


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