My Son Is Sick

My son had a stomach ache that I thought may be appendicitis. Turned out to be much worse.

Pancreatitis from super high lipids in his blood, diabetes, and a fatty liver.

They’re treating him for pain and with insulin drip to protect his pancreas. He was transferred to an pediatric ICU over an hour from home.

I am with him and will be here until he leaves.


oh I am so sorry !! you must be very upset…

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Best wishes to your son. He’ll pull through, I’m sure.

High lipids are very easy to solve, just fix the diet.

If his lipids are low enough, the pancreas will heal, also.

Example of that:


I’m so sorry @ZombieMombie.
Wishing your son well.

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Wishing a quick recovery

I fear pancreatitis as I have these too :cold_sweat:
But isn’t he young? I am 30.
Best wishes for him.

Glad he’s getting looked after @ZombieMombie. Wishing you and yours all the best and hoping they sort things out quickly and safely.

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It’s a lot to take in. I think that’s all treatable though. I hope I’m right.


I feel so bad for him, but he’s in good hands.

I’m thinking about you, @ZombieMombie,

Hope things improve soon.


For fatty liver there is no treatment. My Dr told me to exercise and eat healthy but I don’t, I can’t control what enters my mouth, I just eat randomly and a LOT.

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My high lipids are treated with high cholesterol meds.

What causes fatty liver?

Idk My mother has it. I think obesity and high lipids/cholesterol does cause or worsen it.


Oh yeah also Alcohol I think but I don’t drink.

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Oh man, that’s uncool. Sending all the positive vibes I can.


I’m sorry to hear this bad news. Wishing your son is in skilled hands and a quick recovery.

So sorry @ZombieMombie

Hoping for a very quick recovery

Sorry to hear this. Heres hoping for a swift recovery.

It’s a common misconception that diet is always the culprit. My son is only 13. The doctor said this has to be genetic and hereditary.

Diet and exercise will only help so much in his case.


Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for your son.