My son has to have his adenoids out, a little worried

Has anyone had their adenoids out and can assure me it was no big deal and ttell me how much it helped them? I am hoping it will lessen how much he gets sick like they said iit would and help his astma too. Well, nothing much else going on I care to talk about much. desimb

my niece had hers taken out at 5 with tonsils, she was also sick all the time, now she rarely has a sniffel.
take care

I babysat a girl who’s sister’s friend (they were both 12years old) always sounded like she had a stuffy nose with a harsh voice. She had her’s taken out and later that week, when I was there again, she mentioned she had her adenoids taken out to the little sister. It took me a bit to realize that I hadn’t heard her talking all night, but she was, she just sounded like a normal little girl.
She is still alive after all these years, didn’t bother her to much to take them out.

I had them taken out, and my breathing through my noise increased 60percent. Only bad part about it is your son is going to have terrible breath for a week or two

i had my tonsils and adenoids out at the same time, i hardly felt anything except drowsiness after being under, i dont even know what my adenoids were for anyway but it is easy for them and no scars so dont worry, take care x