My skin is so dry and irritated what should i do?

I have been suffering with really dry spotty skin and excema on my scalp. I have been scratching it and i get blood underneath my fingernails. I have always had dry skin with stretch marks and karatosis pilaris. Am i just doomed to havinh bad skin. What can i do to get rid of it no even lotions work anymore. Also i suffer with really dry lips.


These products have super worked for me.

Use a medicated shampoo prescribed by your doctor and medicated moisturiser just when you wash and before bed, keep using these unless they stop working, then you go back to your doctor and get something else to try.

And of course lip balm, i use Burts Bees or Palmers Cocoa Butter lipbalms very natural and good for using often throughout the day.

Ps i have similar issues. Your skin actually looks a nice tone but its probably sensitive to certain ingredients in main stream toiletries, find something that works best then stick with it

Yeah getcha some chapstick for the lips and nizoral shampoo for the scalp until its healed. Then head and shoulders for every shower. Nizoral once a week after that. Gl it can all be bought at a drug store.

Try beef tallow. It smells a bit funky, but is absorbedwell. You can make it or order.

I am very good at moisturizing ankles.


[Puts on multiple pairs of socks]
There, i’m safe from you now.

You look fine @dreamlessdreamer

I know it seems like it would not work because it’s inexpensive but I just got done trying a bunch of more expensive lotions and finally tried a Gold Bond Healing Aloe and it really healed, soothed, moisturized even cracked skin.

Make sure you’ve been tested for hypothyroidism. It really makes your skin dry. When you take the medication, you really notice the difference.

I also have dry lips and use Neutrogena lip balm. Works miracles.

My dad has hypothyroidism but that is because he is older

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My meds dry me out too.

Why is that though its just odd

I haz first aid training.


And I haz scizzorz in my first aid kit.



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Brilliant ill look in to that thank you

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