My sister's wedding

my sister got married yesterday. the whole time the priest was talking i was having intrusive thoughts telling me to say hail satan out loud. It was driving me nuts. I made it through the ceremony though. And i ran into some people on my stepmom’s side of the family that tried to start conversation with me but i didn’t really say much and they walked away lol I never like talking about my job or what i’ve been doing, nothing


Weddings are stressful. Well done on getting through it ok.


Lol… When I go to mass I see and hear demons all around, and I feel myself turn into a large gargoyle sort of creature and, in my mind, I hop from pew to pew screeching, scaring everyone away… I miss half the service because of the drama playing out in my mind. And then I wonder if anyone there knows what’s going on in my head. Can they tell? Does the priest know and think I’m terrible? I have to laugh because that’s just the way it is.
I think you’re brave for going to a wedding and it sounds like you handled it really well. :blush:

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