My sisters birthday present to me

Well it was an early present because my birthday isn’t until March. She took me and my 25 year old nephew to see a show in San Francisco last Sunday. It was called “Illusionist”. It was basically a magic show mixed in with some illusions. I can’t list everything they did here but it was neat and I enjoyed it. We also went out to eat and walked around “The City by The Bay”.


No!..It can’t (almost) be your birthday again! Are you you sure you don’t rearrange the calendar pages when no one is looking?

Sounds like a neat present, especially since you went with your nephew, who not that too long ago must’ve believed in magic. It takes years to completely wear off. The walk sounds good too.

I usually get $100. eh-h-h-

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Yeah, it was fun…

Sweet! I love San Francisco. I have never been to a show their before, but I sure have been to some interesting places there. Glad you had a nice birthday party!

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I hope you had a great early birthday and in case I forget when your birthday is (almost certain to happen) happy early birthday!

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You wouldn’t happen to have $99.00 I could borrow would you?

N0, last year’s $100 is spent + this year’s will go into the bank. The money will never pass through my hands. Sorry.

happy early birthday nick. enjoy the day and the pre-day. judy

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That sounds like a cool evening… Happy early birthday.

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Magic is exciting. You have a nice sister. Happy early birthday to you.

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last time I did something for my Bday was 5 years ago…