My sisters aren't mean

But they can only stand so much of me complaining about neighbors. I’ve got to tone it down. They are 60 and 61 respectively and dealing with their own lives and I don’t want to wear out my welcome. They still try to help me.


Happy thanksgiving @77nick77!

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Thank you. You too.

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If it makes you feel any better, I only complain about myself (“I suck” or “Oh, it hurts!”). I think everyone gets tired of that, too.

Happy Thanksgiving anyways!!!

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Yes, to everybody! Despite!

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I always wished I had a sister or two. I think I would of been able to take a lot from being a brother. Alas it never happened for me, only child, I’ll have no siblings to grow old with, no precious times spent…

Treasure them while you can, and try not to annoy them to much, as much fun as that may be. I’m envious.

Happy thanksgiving Nick!


Yes, I’m very lucky. Happy Thanksgiving to you too @Ooorgle.

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Well, yeah. I have siblings who want to help me, and sometimes they don’t know how. On the other hand, often I’m not too good at letting them know where they could help me.


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