My sister won't let me switch

My doctor is in favor of me switching. My sister who is my guardian says no. What do I do?

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Can you have your pdoc call her ? Maybe he/she can convince her.

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It looks like that’s what’s going to happen. The thing is is that my sister is a nurse and she’s very stubborn. I was hoping to start reducing invega next week. Now it looks like I have to continue on two APs for another month

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More info needed but.

Your doctor wants the best treatment for you and knowledable.

Your guardian is might be against it on ignorance.

She believes she knows more probably. This is a new doctor

I got mad. Called her stuff. She deserved it. Lol

Well see what happens. Meanwhile I m going to continue the abilify

This is a bad situation. Im pissed at her

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