My sister met her husband when he walked up to her in college and told her he thought she was cute

They were together over 15 years until he got hooked on meth and OD’d.
I asked my sister about telling a woman that I thought she was good looking. She said using the words “good looking” sounded like I was scoping out the situation. My sister said things are weird nowadays so just be careful. I told her I don’t usually go around doing that but I was just struck by that woman’s good looks. My sister said I wasn’t being creepy but just be careful and we agreed that telling a woman she has a pretty face would be more acceptable. My sister was walking down the street a little while ago and a man commented that she was cute. My sister said she took it as a compliment.


My mom met my Dad when her friend in high school was going through the yearbook and asked her who she would date?

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