My sister met a guy. What do y’all think?

She just got out of a 20 year abusive relationship. Her divorce hearing is in February. Well, she met this guy on FB who seems to share her beliefs. He lives in another state. I told her to be careful after what she’s been through not to jump into a new relationship for a while. She says the guy’s a sweetheart and he’s funny. But does he know she’s married? Also, if this guy eventually turns out to be genuine should she move 13 hours away to be near him? I’m like, “ C, there’s nothing really keeping you in WV.” If I met a good man. I mean a really good man I’d go to the ends of the earth to be with him even if it were just a really good friend.

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Honestly, have them video call each other for a good amount of time, throw in some texts as well.

Some people can pose just about as anyone nowadays behind a computer screen and IRL …

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