My sister just texted asking for money

I had to say no. I don’t trust her with money for one second. She asked for £1000 too which I don’t have for stuff like that.

I am pretty sure she is bipolar. In the last 18 months she has had an affair, divorced and then got engaged again. She has been spending money like it’s water on reckless business ideas.

She is on an antidepressant which I think is involved too.

I feel so shitty for turning her down but it is the wise decision.


That’s a sticky situation,

But I think you did the right thing.


Never loan money to friends and family. If you do don’t expect to be paid back.


Thanks @anon54386108. Thing is she has a high responsibility regular job during the week which am sure would look very dimly on her recent behaviours.

Kids are involved too which makes it even harder. I have spoke to other family and they are going to deal with the situation

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@Nick agree i used to borrow money to work collegues either never got money back or waited forever to see it again

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hey jim, its a lot of money, my sis ran up a debt with a number of people when she was with her ex, it was him that made her do it, when he was out of the picture she had to repay everything back which was basically his drink/drug and smoke money, they use to give me the guilt trip saying it was for bread and nappies, i was a sucker.

she repaid me over £500 and my mum about £1000 and idk what else, the guy was a fkn leach.

but yeah maybe you should visit her and have a chat, she might tell you if something is up bc you’re her bro


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