My sister is using again


Straight up go ■■■■ yourself. I’m not even there when she hangs out with my sister. And your attacking others as well on here. It’s sad.


You are attacking your sister. I merely defend her.


Hey, my parents wouldn’t let me be around my drunk relatives either, because it wasn’t safe. They were unpredictable and dangerous. The one time my dad let his guard down on that, my uncle felt me up in full view of his wife, children, my parents, and my sister.

This issue seems emotional for you, but please back off of mothers trying to take care of their children, okay?


I am sorry that you went threw that. I love my sister I just don’t want my daughter around her until she gets it together.


Alcohol isn’t involved in any family gathering I’ve ever been to. I’m happy living in that kind of bubble.


No, I think that your doing the right (responsible) thing @Saywhaat.


I come from a culture where there is a lot of drinking, but most of us have the sense not to drink to excess (or drink at all) around children. Getting drunk or shooting up in front of a child is not OK. I am sorry if you grew up in an environment where seeing drunk or high people interact with children was “normal.”


2 is far too young of an age to be able to understand addiction. When the time comes I’m sure she will inform her daughter about drugs and alcohol.

I was 5 when my dad died of a heroin overdose. My mother explained what happened in a very age appropriate way.

Throughout the years she told me more and more about it since I was old enough to understand. When I was 8 I learned more about what happened. When I was 12 or 13 I learned pretty much the whole story.

My mother always made sure though I knew somewhat what was going on, but the right amount of information for a young child to process. I’m grateful that she never left me in the dark.

I think it’s a good thing for children to know about addiction since it is a common problem.

Because eventually, no matter how hard you try and protect and shelter your children, they will eventually be exposed to that sort of thing.

And when that time comes you will want them to be as educated and informed about the topic as they can be.

However, 2 is far too young to understand this sort of thing.


I agree, but I also think, and know from experience, there are many other ways to learn about addiction than seeing it firsthand.


I also agree. It wouldn’t be the best thing to have your children around addicts.

However if you teach them about addiction they can better understand it.


That sucks that your grandparents have to suffer because of your sisters choices but maybe they could visit you instead. In the meantime just remember no addict can be helped that doesn’t want the help. Your doing good by keeping your daughter safe.


I plan on teaching her because me and my husband are both addicts so she likely carries the gene. Just not yet :grin:


Yeah my mom and I already discussed that and my dad usually takes her to the park anywahs


You’re doing the right thing. Never put the whatever social norm of politeness before your child. She is too young to understand…and your sister is old enough to take some responsibility or suffer consequences.


It’s good that your parents are hearing you out.


wow, that’s awful…you made the right decision…and congratulations for kicking heroin !!


Thank you. I feel so much better. But a few weeks after getting clean the voices started.


My parents weren’t addicts, but they were both children of addicts. They taught me very early that while substances may be fun for some people, I simply didn’t have the genetics for it. Can’t imagine how much more difficult my life would have been if I hadn’t been taught that.


I dont thi k she is pitting her against her aunt. I think she is protecting her child. She has not said amy terrible thing about jer sister, just the terrible truth of the matter.


Thank you for the defense. I definitely got offended over this conversation yesterday. Feeling better today about it though.