My sister is upset with me

I’m not acting excited enough about her new house. She just opened escrow. It’s not like they handed her the keys. I’ve got to pace myself. I can’t stay in a perpetually excited state for the whole entire escrow process plus the move in process and the house warming party. I’m low key. She should know this. Like what am I supposed to do jump up and down? I was like genuinely happy for her and said yeah and all that and good job, jeeze.


When I’ve experienced people being upset at me for not being “excited enough” about something,

It’s usually because they want to talk their head off about it and I’ve heard enough.

Just let her get all her feelings about it out and I’m sure she’ll feel better.

Sisters are a difficult balance sometimes.

Are you the older sibling?

She might be seeking your approval.


I’m younger. I don’t think she wants my approval. I have been letting her talk about it but earlier she was talking about it and I was doing something on the computer at the same time as listening. Maybe that’s why she’s upset. But she talks about her stuff constantly, sometimes I feel like I need a break.


It’s temporary. Don’t sweat it @leafy. She’ll be fine. So will you. :sunglasses:

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Thank you. I just really love my sister and don’t like to see her upset. And I know I did something wrong to cause it but she should understand I’m not perfect and not let herself get so upset.


No one is perfect. Don’t feel bad. Just let it go and go with the flow of things.


thanks @Zannah ok I will


I’m sorry your sister is upset with you @leafy . I feel like complete poop if any of my siblings get angry with me.

I’m sure things will smooth themselves out over time. It sounds like you both really love each other. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Montezuma yea we’re talking now, she seems fine


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