My sister is forgiving me

In 2016 I went to Greece with my sister on holiday and it was all-inclusive so means free alcoholic drinks, I drank everyday, one point falling into our private pool fully clothed and my sister had to drag me out plus we had our apartment burgled as I left the doors open. She said I was a nightmare and said she’s never going on holiday with me again. anyway she just text me and said she’s booking a cottage in Cornwell with her friend this September and if I could like to come along. This makes me feel really good and I’m happy.


That’s good. My sister is like that too, she doesn’t hold grudges and is very forgiving.


that’s nice =D
i hope you will have nice time with your sister there!

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Just stay away from the booze and you’ll be fine

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Yay! I’m so glad. Enjoy the vacation!

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