My sister has to be at magistrates court in December for Harassment without violence. What is magistrates court like?

Not necessarily something u’d all know about
She is hazy about the details to me yet, but she has been emailing and voice mail messaging and face booking a man who raped her many years ago.

my sister is alcoholic, chronically suicidal, with a extreme self injury coping mechanism

She’s alone - she’s 36 and she has no one.
She has been having a breakdown for the last 2 years.

She was paranoid that the police were going to give her a hard time with the solicitor to be there at police interview and refused representation.

They have taken advantage of her vulnerability there i think.

She is worried they will have all the evidence - what she said and wrote - and read it in court… calling the person who raped her the victim ( they will do this they are calling him the victim ) but how shaming will they actually be? are the prosecution really nasty?

is there something i can say to reassure her? what are the proceedings like and what will happen? prior cannabis possession

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Let me see if I understand…your sister is getting charged with harassing someone who raped her?

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Yes alien 151515151515151

If I remember correctly, you’re not located in the US. It would be a mistake for me to conjecture what a case on foreign soil will shape up to be. Having said that, in the US if you are charged with harassing someone, there might not be any criminal charges upheld, but a restraining order may be issued. If there’s a criminal element, most jurisdictions in the US will sentence someone up to 6 months in jail. Not sure what to offer in the line of advice, but she should present in court as logical and honest about what’s going on. State the case, and try to offer her side. Beyond that, having no idea what the fine details of the case are, I’m at a total loss as to what to expect. Sorry if this is all too vague, but there’s nothing any of us can say that her lawyer could say better. Frankly, it’s a little touchy.

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Thanks - understand - she’s seeing a solicitor tomorrow.

could she be sent to rehab is what i will try to find out

It’s not this guy who raped her 15 years ago - the warrant was for someone she went to a party with over about 3 days - i think they were pretty nasty hippies or something and a community that weren’t nice to her and she’s Facebook campaigned and voice mailed and emailed

she’s lied to me - nothing to do with a guy who raped her

it’s just she’s ashamed.

mum found the warrant slip in her pocket - she may well have been ‘harassing’ the other guy too

this is a guy who she said hypnotised her and past life etc and it’s all so effed up she hasn’t talked about it

of course it’s all guessing
hope she’s going rehab again

Your sister sounds very unstable. Not to come across as cold, but I hope the court sees that and yes, orders some treatment. It seems she could use a hand getting life back on track. I feel for both parties - it’s got to be unsettling to have someone unstable bothering you, and it also sucks to be in a bad place where this behavior is rationalized. I hope she gets the help she needs. It sounds like she needs care and not imprisonment.


Thanks alien

Yes - just coming to those conclusions of hopefulness the more i read about it it could have a ‘good’ outcome - being in hospital on a detox being the best possible outcome


lots of people :man: :woman:
it is boring :confused:
they asked me… my explanation on my behaviour .
it is pretty harmless…but i was in there for a very minor offence. :blush:
take care :alien:

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Was there cross examination? And defense?

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there were six of us…we all had to stand up individually and explain ourselves…
we were let off…as i said it was just a minor offence.
from memory we were appointed a ’ free ’ defence lawyer…but we did not need one.
i hope it all goes well :heart:
take care :alien:

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