My sister got her second shot yesterday and

Today she had brain fog all day. She said it was really hard to think through things. She is a teacher and was in school all day today but it was tough


It’s hard to teach when you don’t feel good. Does she teach kids or adults?

She teaches 6th graders. @PinCushion

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I got my first dose yesterday of Moderna. I experienced some throwing up. But I know how lucky I am… I’m sorry about your sister…

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@anon64158233 that sucks. Vomiting is awful.

Yeah I ‘yuked’ which is my fave word for it haha, twice, and needed one more, but instead had unsettled stomach for about two hours.

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That sounds awful!

Yes it wasn’t so great for sure.

Thanks for acknowledging me tonight, honestly felt distant from you of late… I don’t suppose it’s based in anything I did on here… but if so, I am sorry!

On a lighter note does paranoia ever effect/affect your interpretation of the forum itself? I admit I have that problem…

Yes @anon64158233. My paranoia gets in my way too. I’m sorry I haven’t responded much. I have been skimming and not posting a lot of times lately. I’ll try to pay more attention. Thanks for bringing that up to me. I have absolutely no problem with you at all

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Maybe I don’t require more attention at this time.

That’s a paranoid type thing of me to say…

But I suppose I’m being needy here. I just had the day of all days!

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Yeah. No one likes bad days. Hang in there! It should get better. Tomorrow is a new day

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