My sister doesn't want me to babbysit her kids because I've been in hospital

My sister doesn’t want me to babbysit her kids.She says she’s worried I’m not alert enough. I think it’s because I’ve been in hospital. Anoyne else in the same situation?


None of my siblings ever asked me to babysit their kids. Except once. My sister had me babysit her four year old son once for an hour or two. I left him alone in my apartment to get in my car and go pick up my own teenage son from his school. My sister found out that I left her son alone and she about had a brick. She never asked me to babysit any of her children again. I did watch this sister’s two grandchildren over a three day weekend once though. And I could not handle it at all. I told my sister that I could never have them over to my house again.

For the longest time my in laws including my brother in law and his wife didn’t want me alone with their kids especially my partner’s little sister. Who is my brother in laws biological daughter. Long story. They eventually warmed up to me and now trust me.

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That’s good. I don’t know if my sister will change her mind though.

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