My sister doesn't want anything to do with me

She wrote me an angry message today that ended in her saying she was tired of my selfish ways and doesn’t want me to contact her until I learn to look further than the tip of my nose.

My offense? Leaving some stuff in her guestroom because my suitcase was too heavy to be allowed on the flight.

A few days ago I had a major anxiety episode that was basically rooted in “everyone I love will get sick of me and leave”, so now I feel like shite :confused:

Your sister is probably just upset.

How old is she if you don’t mind me asking.

I know you’re pretty young, so I imagine she is too.

My sister and I went through some rough patches in our twenties and are besties again in our thirties.

She’ll probably calm down soon enough.

My sister literally refers to herself as"the ■■■■■", even on her answering machine.

I have a sister who is really mean, cold, harsh and judgmental. I avoid her completely now. The only time we speak is about 2 times per year. Once at my dad’s at his annual family reunion and once at my other sister’s house with my mom for Christmas.

She’s 27.
Tbh I think it’s been building up over time.
She was very upset when I moved to Greece. And she threw a hissy fit when I shaved my head and demoted me from bridesmaid.


Is she your older sister?

She took you out of her wedding because you shaved your head?


Maybe this is all her and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

Sounds like she’s got her own hang ups and needs to sort through them,

Hopefully, in the end she’ll be more supportive of her sister.

In my wedding one of my bridesmaids wore a tux and had a buzz cut.

I thought she looked beautiful.

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She didn’t take me out of the wedding, just took me off bridesmaids duty and told me to “keep your war on feminitity” to myself. In the sense that if anyone asked about my hair that day, just laugh and say I did it on a whim

Don’t Feel Bad @Pikasaur, My Entire Family Threw Me Away.

But!, I Have All Yuu Gals And Guys!.

SZ!. SZA!. One Mind Inside, Feeling Free!.

A New Kind of Family (!!!).

:peace_symbol: :black_heart: :peace_symbol:

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