"My sick mind "

In aa they constantly say “my sick mind” or “our sick minds” in regards to alcoholism. Being sz, I tend to group it together to talking about both sides of my dual diagnosis. I find this insulting. I don’t have a sick mind…I have an ill mind that was self medicating. What to do about this. It hurts my core when they say “we have sick minds” because I don’t believe my mind is sick, just ill…


I think saying “our sick minds” is just another stupid label. I agree with you… (and didn’t mean to insult you the other day)

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You need a diff group…wasnt designed for sz…maybe do 2 groups…your sz is the cause of your cravings…it should be addressed more so…

No worries man we all have our ups and downs. Sensitive days, less sensitive days, sometimes we clash on different sides of the spectrum . Good we can forgive, forget and move on.


Are these dual diagnosis groups that you’re talking about?
I don’t think that they are referring to schizophrenia when they say “sick minds”. I may be wrong but I think they’re strictly talking about the diseases of addiction or alcoholism. Am I wrong?

Yeah it’s not dual diagnosis I’m just saying I get kind of hit in the core when they say “we have sick minds” because I think about my whole mind, not just the alcoholic portion of my mind and think they’re referring to the schizophrenic portion of my mind too.

Other beefs with aa

You should say “I’m Jon and I’m in recovery for alcoholism” rather than “I’m an alcoholic”…to make it more positive

The old comers are sometimes judge mental of new comers having a hard time…I was having bad depressive episode once and some guy said “stop feeling bad for yourself”

Paranoia and anxiety ppl r judge mental of.

People generalize.

Generally I’m a much nicer person than most those people. They develop an “aa ego” even though it’s counterdictory to the program

Some guy asked me if it was my first meeting and I said “I’ve been around” and he said “you’re too young to be around”…even though schizophrenia forced me into aa 6 years ago! Don’t make rude assumptions

That said I’ll keep going cuz it keeps me sober

Sure, some words or phrases are triggers and they trigger bad feelings. But as far as I can gather from your post, no one is deliberately saying your mind is sick because you have schizophrenia or calling your mind sick because of your illness. It sounds like they are strictly talking about alcoholism or addiction. Unfortunately, what they say is bothering you, but no one else seems to be saying your mind is a "sick mind"
because you have schizophrenia. Unfortunately you’re taking offense at something that is not really happening.

There’s this one guy, my ex sponsor who is really friendly I got his number again tonight. He’s a little coocoo but not sure if that means he’s sz. He says outrageous things. But I feel comfortable with him talking about meds. He gives good advice. He knows about MI. He told me “wait til you get a couple months under your belt so those meds really start working”. I like him. He might be 40 but a young 40. He started going on a rant about witches slaughtering babies on summer solstice lol he said “you know it happens?!?!?!” But he’s helpful

It took me quite awhile in AA, CA, and NA before I was able to carry on a conversation with any other addict or alcoholic.
My sponsors girlfriend was the Secretary of a very large CA meeting,
She asked me to chair a meeting once so I said, “Sure”.
So I gave a 15 minute speech in front of about 70 addicts.

Tomorrow I will go to a meditation meeting my sponsor is going to

He’s a nice old guy with a white beard

Not hard headed at all

Some ppl say they need hard headed sponsors but not me because I have a soft heart and im an honest person