My sense of responsibility isn't real

I’ll get all worried about something that isn’t my responsibility but totally neglectful about a responsibility that is mine. Why is this? Don’t I deserve reality?

The answer to first quest “Why is this?” Everyone lack responsibility at times none are ever perfect. So don’t put your self upon one just to watch yourself fall off.
The Next Answer for " Don’t I deserve reality" is Yes. We all deserve reality , but we also must work towards it.

I think I’m saying real responsibility is too hard for me. But dream responsibility is unsatisfying because it is unreal.

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Real responsibility is very difficult. I think it’s natural to struggle with it. The trick is to not give up. Each time you meet your obligations is one more step in the right direction, and for each time you do it, it gets a little easier the next time.

Fake responsibilities are bound to be unsatisfying. They have no substance, so there is no sense of pride since you haven’t accomplished anything with them.


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