My self persecuting thoughts have turned into a grandiose persecuting though

I think the whole world is in cahoots against me and want me to see me unhappy. WHich causes me to be on edge and wanna fight everyone.

because the grandiose thought is now a constant belif in my day to day struggle to stay sane.

It’s a huge 500 pound monkey on my back.

Because deep down I know inside it’s not true but I live and react to the world around me with that persecuting thought

I don’t know how to rid myself of it. but I know another thought that perscutes me will come and maybe worst that my mom hates me oh! I already think that!

so what’s the therapist to do with my sad and hurtful thought of others. because its now grandiose and larger than life in my mind I live and breathe it. and do things in my life in order to make it less strong.


You need what I have. Case Management.

At the very least, pDoc. Sounds like meds are not enough or needs adjustment.

You been posting a lot about problematic behaviors. Sorry it just sounds like you are not doing well.

Hope you reach out to your doc / therapist for help.


okay I"ll make an appointment to my psych doctor and inform my therapist what’s going on.

what can I do?


Out of curiosity, do you live in a violent neighbourhood or environment? Somewhere where the situation demands you be on edge all the time. Or is it purely caused by your mental instability? There’s no judgment there bud, we’ve all been in the psych ward

Being judgmental is a bad habit. Whatever judgment you pass on others, you have passed the same judgment upon yourself eventually. I work with that myself sometimes

No my behavior is a psychotic thought I’m perfectly safe. But any thing can trigger my self perscuting thought that even someone turning into my lane is seen as something owards or against me even thought that person doesn’t know I’m unhinged or off the rails for a simple card turn into my lane. it’s really sick stuff bro.


That really blows man, I hope things start getting a little easier soon.

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