My search for life's meaning has been found

As I got older I often pondered life’s meaning. Sometimes it was harsh, arguments, disagreements, at times I didn’t want to exist thru the hurt. Yet something has happened to me and now I understand., As my husband slowly slips away, there it is, I have loved and I have been loved. I was given a gift, my soul mate, my best friend. When he smiles or laughs tears of joy run down my cheek, it is all so deep, every moment special. No longer regretting the past or fearing the future, I have today this moment to feel love. That’s what it is all about and always was, to love. No longer do my clothes need to match, my make up doesn’t matter, gone are the worry of bills, life’s problems and life’s worries, we have today and that is all we are promised. I feel rich and renewed for I have loved. My search for meaning is over, it sat by me all along.I look deeply in his eyes and I remember all the hugs and long talks, the reassuring. How could I have been so lucky to have known such a love. Each moment is precious. So what is the meaning of life to me? It is love, so profound. Stay in the moment and see the beauty. Live each day as if it were your last. This is my meaning. It was there all along and now iI see it.


Glad you have been able to live such a love fulfilled life :). And glad you realized it too!! Must feel good.

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…and I think your husband hit the jackpot when he met you!

Such beautiful sentiments. Thank you for sharing!


I’ve been with my love for 25 years now. We’ve each been together for over half of our lives.

I’m a songwriter, but I don’t believe I could put into words the love I have for my significant other, like you have just done.

Thank you for the lovely post, and godspeed to both of you.


Such a beautiful thread. Thanks for sharing this!

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Love is a powerful thing and can bring much fulfilment and joy. I’m glad you’ve found meaning in your life.

I wonder if the true meaning of life can be dependant on someone else or if it’s something we need to find within ourselves?

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I really do hope we can find it within ourselves. Monks say we do :smile:

Love will save the day!!

Beautiful. Brought happy tears.

In the movie “Vanity Fair” this guy says, “The only thing worth a damn in this life is loving someone and having someone love you.” It sounds like you got it right. I think I missed out by chasing after superficial relationships.