My Schizophrenic Dilemma in a Series of Three Videos

When I’m off of my medication…

When I’m on my medication…

Where I wanna be. I just want to meet my old self again. The way I was…Just One More Time…

Most schizophrenics don’t walk into movie theaters with a gun and mow people down.

The majority of us are harmless and just wanna hide under the couch.

I’m going to try to blow the doors off of this illness. It might destroy me in the end, but I’m tired of living in the shadows.

What happened wasn’t my fault.

you are gonna be really sorry you stopped taking your meds…I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up divorcing your wife over this situation…you sound very unstable. May God help you come back to your senses and take your meds @Patrick I feel really bad for you.

I’m back on my meds, Juke.

Thanks for your concern.


Trying to blow the doors off this illness… Yeah, that’s the spirit I’m starting to lose. I want to he myself just one more time too. I wish you so much luck.