My schizophrenia question

I was diagnosed by a psychologist with chronic depression, PTSD and mild schizophrenia. The doctor did something with hypnotism and it went away for some years. Its starting to come back. The gold man is starting to come back. I’ve turned to heroin to stop him from being near me for a short amount of time but I need help. Please help me

Don’t self medicate with heroin. If anything drugs make sz symptoms worse. Have you been doing drugs to worsen your symptoms lately? If so, the solution is to stop. Also set an appointment with a psychiatrist.

I cant afford the psychologist again. And I snort heroin because it makes him go away for awhile. I’m starting to get scared again

Please help me.

Yes. It goes away for awhile and comes back stronger. Thats why drugs and sz doesn’t mix.

I’m worried he might kill me

Its all I can do right now sunlion. Do you have anyway to cope with it. I cant get rid of the gold man

The hallucinations have the power to scare us but they can’t hurt us. You need to see a psychiatrist and get a prescription for antipsychotics. Which might be cheaper than dope. Go to the hospital if you need to.

I have medication to help with it but I cant to and see my doctor for a other 2 months.

Call your doctor sooner or go to the hospital. And seriously about not doing drugs. My sz was caused by drugs, they won’t help you.

I do have medication but I cant to see my doctor till 2 more months. I just need away to tell if he is real or not.

He can’t hurt you either way. He can only affect your mind whether he’s real or not.

Im 16 sunlion and I havent seen the gold man since I was 11.

Where are your parents? Why can’t they help you?

You shouldn’t give out your name. Get to a doctor sooner.

I’ll try. In going to try to make an appointment in the morning but im kinda worried to go to sleep. He is watching me from the corner.

But just for tonight do you have any type of coping skill I can use. Not much has worked so far.

You’re really playing with fire with the heroin. You could end up addicted to smack and schizophrenic. See if you can get someone to do that trick with hypnotism to you. That is the way to go. The heroin might give you temporary relief, but then your problems will be worse.

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If I were you since you can’t go see a doctor I would admit myself to a hospital. You are obviously suffering and need help. That is what they are there for. I really hope you find a solution.

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Treat your panic thoughts like clouds or breezes of air. Let them pass through you and let them go. It’s a cbt technique some people with psychosis use.