My schizophrenia is doing something new and paranormal

I have schizophrenia. For a month, every email, Facebook message, and zoosk message that I send has gotten blocked. Each time, I see a vision of Donald Trump catching the messages with his hands. More than 70 messages have been stopped. I tried sending messages from the closet, and from my car, but they were also blocked.

I didn’t know that schizophrenia could cause a computer problem, but that is what is happening here, somehow. Donald Trump does know me, but we are not really friends. Is he playing a paranormal prank on me? When I called tech support, the problem went away until I was off of the phone.

You should consider going on meds @Tmont .

If messages are getting blocked then there’s possibly a tech problem. It has nothing to do with anything else.

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Donald Trump has no idea who you are.

lol, that reminds me of when I was psychotic. I was in paranormal psychic telepathic communication with President Clinton and President Obama. Clinton just observed me. Obama was really friendly.

How could Donald Trump be playing a paranormal prank on you? He’s just a man, not a ghost or something. I don’t know if you are on meds or not but you really need to be.

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