My schizophrenia has returned after a two and half years absence

I have been completely cured of schizophrenia until my latest episode just a few weeks ago now i cant seem to get out of bed and i feel very fat … What will i do…?

A relapse, how sad. I’d say deal with it the way you did the first time as it worked at least for a time.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Good luck!

I live in fear of relapse. I don’t think I’ll ever be cured, but if I can not relapse I’ll be OK.

You need to see your psychiatrist. Even those of us in remission are in danger of a spontaneous relapse. I think your meds need adjustment if you had an episode. Not wanting to get out of bed is the negative symptoms kicking in, which need psychiatric treatment, so I would say see your doc ASAP and get back on track with some new meds. If you had an episode after two years of remission, your doc should be able to patch you up relatively quickly.

I imagine you the doc will increase the dose of your antipsychotic and add an SSRI.

i agree, with @mortimermouse, it’s best to see your psychiatrist. I’ve come close to relapse a couple of times this year and every time i have gone to the clinical nurse in charge of my meds and he has adjusted my meds and put me on new medication recently which has helped. I never want to have a psychotic break like before where i thought everything on tv was or i thought everyone was trying to poison me. I didn’t want to shower, i barely left my room.