My schizoid personality causes much internal distressq

Especially in my head, I can’t leave my place because of it I only go out for food and such

And no one helps me with my p diszorder they give me no tools to cope

There are no tools to be found should I just sprint off the tallest building?

I tried to read about schizoid personality disorder after I saw this topic, but I didn’t really understand what I read.

Please preserve your precious life :seedling:

We don’t have emotions that everyone else possesses, life is a fog to us

How can one live without emotions? How can I go on?

Okay, that’s a good description. Mine’s not a fog, but a vast open space without orientation.

First of all, I wish knew some coping mechanisms to share. I’m about to try for some sleep. Why don’t you do that too and maybe tomorrow things will look a little more possible?

I have had lots of times where I felt I could not go on. Those times passed. My main coping mechanism is hiding in bed like it’s a bomb shelter so I don’t harm myself or any other being.

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